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The ORLEN UNIPETROL DOPRAVA s.r.o. Company was established in 1995 by separation of railway transport from the Chemopetrol trade-production company in Litvínov. The original name of the company - CHEMOPETROL - DOPRAVA a.s. - also corresponded to this fact. At the beginning the company was only involved in the operation of the railway siding in Litvínov, but in connection with the incorporation of Chemopetrol in the ORLEN UNIPETROL group the company gradually started to take over the operation of other railway sidings of chemical plants within the Group, Kaučuk Kralupy (now Synthos Kralupy), Paramo Pardubice, Koramo Kolín (now Paramo), Spolana Neratovice or Synthesia Pardubice.

After the take-over of railway transport in the above mentioned locations the name of the company was changed to ORLEN UNIPETROL DOPRAVA a.s. At that time the company managed approx. 3 thousand carriages out of which 1 thousand carriages of its own.

An important milestone was 2004, when the company started to organize transport with its own trains. In this country it was the case of the transfer of semi-finished products between the Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou sidings. The first export transport was realized on the Rumburk - Ebersbach route in the same year. Gradually, the percentage of transports with the use of the company's own trains increased, mainly in the sphere of transport of chemical products between individual locations of the ORLEN Unipetrol Group.

After the sale of the ORLEN Unipetrol Group to the Polish Orlen S.A. Group within synergic effects the volume of technological transport between Poland and the Czech Republic increased. In 2007, the legal status of the company was changed from an incorporated to a limited company. At present, the ORLEN UNIPETROL DOPRAVA s.r.o. Company is one of the principal railway forwarders in the Czech Republic.​


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