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Railway Workshops
Activities conducted in accordance with Act No. 266/1994 Coll., on Railways and executive Regulation No. 100/1995 Coll.​​
  • ​Preparing and conducting periodical and extraordinary testing in accordance with Regulation No. 100/1995 Coll., i.e., specifically, conducting operational revisions, internal revisions, inspections and pressure tests of air tanks, stable pressure containers and selected types of road tank vehicles,
  • Preparing and conducting periodical and extraordinary testing pursuant to RID, i.e., specifically, testing selected types of road tank vehicles in accordance with Chapter 6.8,
  • Conducting periodical testing of other types and dedicated technical devices in accordance with Paragraphs a) and b),
  • Activities conducted by an expert pursuant to Chapter 6.8 RID (externally), safety advisor and person professionally competent in accordance with Regulation No.101/1995 Coll. (in the past called a revision technician and UTZ/T inspector).

Activities conducted based on internal orders and orders from foreign subjects (external orders)

  • ​​Maintenance and common to medium repairs of railway vehicles with the exception of parts related to the break system (vehicle travel system) and extensive vehicle reconstruction (used technologies: simple tools (also calibrated tools), devices for welding and turning work, local chemical and mechanical cleaning),
  • Conducting repairs and securing spare parts for pressure and other parts (for example, wheel sets, slack adjusters and side, central and security valves),
  • Securing repairs by external contractors (order, implementation, completion),
  • Conducting and securing special activities: cleanup of consequences of accidents and extraordinary events (personal and material support), usage of the EDK 80/3, VZV, UNC 060 railway crane.

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