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Other Technical Services
Repairing driving railway vehicles

Conducting medium repairs in the extent of R3 except H repairs, repairing traction engines, replacing wheel tyres. Securing modernization and H repairs of locomotives (technical as well as legislative). Manufacturing and repairing railway wagon parts and locomotive parts. Unbinding bogies and disassembling and assembling TM.

Maintaining driving railway vehicles 
Preventive maintenance system in the extent of operational handling – R0
Preventive maintenance system in the extent of the small periodic inspection – R2

Transporting material 
Transporting material using Mitsubishi truck with canvas cover and total maximal load of 2,900 kg.
Transporting persons and fine material using a small Ford truck with a capacity for 7 person and total maximal load of 1,296 kg.
Transporting material and conducting selected activities using a Mercedes Benz – Unimog vehicle. 
The following are the main activities: loading and unloading using a lifting device with maximal load of 2,730 kg, loading and unloading of bulk materials using a two-jaw grab with rotating head, working in a crane cage for two persons up to the height of 12.5 meters, cleaning roads and railway surface using a vacuum cleaner, rotational broom and plough, moving railway vehicles using a grabbing device. Furthermore, we also have available a freight trailer with ramps and maximal load of 5,340 kg.

Providing warehouse services for UNIDO 
Supply of spare parts for UNIDO. Operating consignment stock for our business partners.

Repairing and evidence of motor vehicles 
Tire service
Repairing tires for road vehicles and trucks, their bonding and calibrating

Cleanup of consequences of railway accidents 
Re-railing derailed railway cars using the HOESCH device​


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