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Unipetrol Doprava improves equipment of 17 locomotives


New radio stations installed in the locomotives of Unipetrol Doprava will improve transportation safety and fluency

Litvínov, June 28, 2012 – Unipetrol Doprava will equip 17 locomotives with new mobile radio stations, which will secure interoperability in the European railway network and increase transportation safety. Besides the acquisition of the new radio stations, the company will also improve its information system, making sure it complies with the international requirements for cargo transportation. 50% of the cost of both projects is co-financed by the Operational Transportation Program.

“The implementation of the global mobile communication system in the locomotives for railway applications will secure the needed compatibility in the area of radio communications, which is required on railway routes of the European conventional system. Safety, speed, fluency and reliability will be clearly improved and the management of railway transportation will be made more efficient,” says Miroslav Vlasák, the company executive of Unipetrol Doprava.

The Ministry of Transportation has issued the so-called Approval Protocols and Decision on Providing a Grant for both projects. These documents awarded UNIPETROL DOPRAVA, s.r.o. a grant amounting to 50% of the acceptable expenses. The Radio Stations for the Locomotives project is therefore eligible to receive 2,942,500 CZK and the Information System Upgrade 700,000 CZK.

Last year, as a safety measure, Unipetrol Doprava equipped 70 railway tankers for transporting ammonia with bumpers. These new crash bumpers improve prevention of serious accidents while transporting chemical substances. The company received a grant from the European Fund for Regional Development for this project amounting to 8.5 million CZK. The State Environmental Fund provided additional 1.5 million CZK.

UNIPETROL, a.s. is a group of companies operating in the petrochemical industry in the Czech Republic. In 2005 UNIPETROL became a part of the PKN ORLEN Group, the largest oil processor in Central Europe. The UNIPETROL Group is oriented mostly towards oil processing, fuel distribution and petrochemical production. In all of these business areas the UNIPETROL Group is among the key players both in the Czech Republic and on the Central European market. The Group ranks among the leading firms in the Czech Republic in terms of its revenues, and employs almost 4,000 people.

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