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Unipetrol has new Chairman of BoD and CEO


Supervisory Board of Unipetrol accepted the resignation of Mr. Krzysztof Urbanowicz

Mr. Piotr Chełmiński was appointed in the position of Chairman of BoD and CEO

Prague, December 10, 2009 - the Supervisory Board of UNIPETROL, a.s., meeting in Prague, accepted the resignation of Mr. Krzysztof Urbanowicz from the position of Chairman of BoD d CEO. Mr. Piotr Chełmiński, Chief Administration Officer and BoD Member of UNIPETROL, a.s. was appointed in the position of Chairman of BoD and CEO.

‘We thank Mr. Krzysztof Urbanowicz for his work as the Chairman and CEO of Unipetrol and wish newly appointed Chairman and CEO Mr. Piotr Chelminski determination and consequence in fulfillment of his new tasks’ says Mr. Jacek Krawiec, President of the Supervisory Board.

Mr. Piotr Chełmiński, 45, is a highly accomplished manager and a graduate of the Warsaw School of Agriculture as well as the Academy of Management and Marketing. He has accumulated years of experience holding various positions on the management boards of Polish- and foreign-owned companies in Poland, including public companies. (for more information go to

‘My principal objective is to continue the integration of the Unipetrol Group companies and improve their results, both in terms of petrochemical production and sales in the difficult conditions of economic recession. Unipetrol is a company with great development potential, important to the Czech economy, firmly established on the local market, and at the same time a very important for PKN ORLEN, its majority shareholder‘ Mr. Piotr Chełmiński the new Chairman of BoD and CEO of UNIPETROL, a.s. adds.

UNIPETROL, a.s. is a group of companies operating in the petrochemical industry in the Czech Republic. In 2005 UNIPETROL became a part of the PKN ORLEN Group, the largest oil processor in Central Europe. The UNIPETROL Group is oriented mostly towards oil processing, fuel distribution and petrochemical production. In all of these business areas the UNIPETROL Group is among the key players both in the Czech Republic and on the Central European market. The Group ranks among the leading firms in the Czech Republic in terms of its revenues, and employs more than 4,000 people.

Blanka Růžičková
Spokesperson for Unipetrol, a.s.
Telephone: +420 225 001 407, +420 731 881 111

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