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Railway cistern 798 8

Four-axle tank wagon with pressure and hand brake controlled from braking platform, designed for transport of selected liquid substances according to the L4BH tank code and relevant tank hierarchy of RID regulations. The car is equipped with steam boilers and boiler insulation

Technical Data

Weight of empty car 26 000 kg
Loading weight 54 000 kg
Bumper to bumper length: 12 640 mm
Distance from rotating pins 7 600 mm
Chassis wheelbase 1 800 mm
Internal boiler diameter 2 600 mm
Loading volume: 52 m3
Number of filling openings 1
Number of outlet openings 1
Emptying through bottom outlet DN 100
Center height of discharge line from rail surface: 591 mm
Height of filling opening from top of rail: 4 100 mm

Car bottom

Two-axle chassis Y 25 Rs​


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